Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday...What to do?

This semester in school, I have a break in classes for 2 hours, so I've decided that I need to find something to do.

Today was a little trip to Lighthouse Point Park. If the weather was just a tiny bit better it would have been awesome.

But it was still a beautiful day. I had so much fun in the park, the leaves were starting to change. I took a great long walk around the park, had lunch and took a stroll on the beach. I even wrote our names in the sand. Ok, so it wasn't really "beach weather" but it was still a great day.

And a nice way to kill a couple hours when I had nothing to do. Since school is so far from home, it's not even enough time to make it home for a little bit.

So far we have two Wednesdays down and now just three more to go. What's on next weeks agenda? I just don't know.

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