Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Save the Dolphins....

Craft Hope for the Earth

And Pelicans, and other birds and sea creatures.

I found this project to help with the clean up of some of the oil spill in the Gulf Coast.

I've never been a tree-hugging hippy, never even claimed to be, but this to me really hits home. So much has been done in the last couple of years to help out other countries and so far very little has been done to help out in our own back yard.

I started knitting wash cloths and towels for donation. So if you're interested in helping out please check out the Craft Hope website or their Facebook Page.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So we're not candidates for the next episode of hoarders.

HaHa only kidding, but someitmes housework gets a little out of control. As usual this was something that came up because I was reading The Nest and thinking I need to come up with a chore schedule. It gets crazy doing an hour or two on the weekend, but if I did 15/20 minutes of cleaning every day it really wouldn't be so bad. So here's my list.

-Wash all Dishes
-Wipe down Counters
-Clean Top of Stove
-Go through mail/throw out extra junk.

-Vacuum Bedroom and Office
-Dust furniture

-Mop Bathroom
-Clean Sink, Tub, Toilet
-Windex Mirrors
-Empty Cat Box
-Take out all garbage and cans to curb

-Vacuum Spare room
-Windex Mirrors
-Dust furniture

-Vacuum Living Room
-Vacuum Sofas
-Dust Furniture
-Windex Windows

-Clean out & wipe down Fridge & Freezer to prepare for groceries
-Mop Kitchen
-Dust Cabinets
-Wipe down Appliances
-Shake & Vacuum Rugs

-Gather/Separate & Finish Laundry
-Change out Sheets
-Change out Towels
-Sweep Laundry Room


-Make Weekly Grocery List
-Grocery Shopping

-Vacuum Baseboards & Ceilings
-Vacuum/Wash Window Treatments
-Scrub Inside of Oven
-Wipe Down Outlets/Light Switches & Door Knobs
-Wash Couch Blankets
-Wash Comforters

-Wash Windows
-Wash Light Fixtures
-Vacuum all Vents
-Pull out & Clean behind ALL appliances
-Shampoo Carpets
-Shampoo Couches
-Shampoo Mattresses
-Purge Clothing