Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here's my 1st hockey rant of the season, but don't worry, there will be more to come.

All I can say is WOOHOO!!! for todays game. It was the 1st win of the season for Bridgeport at home in regulation. I can't believe it. It's the 20th game of the season, and they finally get a regulation win.

Ok so they have some problems, 1st we have a coach, that's never coahed before in his life, hey, when I grow up can I be a hockey coach, apparently if you ask nicely you can be, so everything is just a mess, theres never the same line twice, you look out, and you never know what you're gonna see.

Tonight, we had 2 forwards and 3 defenseman out for a faceoff, (hey isn't it suppose to be ther other way around) it was actually kinda funny. Let me continue, way too many stupid penalties, and the lack of skating ability. There's a player that just keeps falling down....all by himself, with no help of anyone else.

It was acutally funny the other night in hartford, during warmups he fell down, and all the guys turned and laughed at him, some evem pointed and laughed, it was very amusing.

Tonight was a turn around for a team that actually was dead last in the powerplay in the league at the start of the game, was able to move themselves up 4 places, after scoring 4 powerplay goals tonight, my thought is hey they're shy, they doing like scoring infront of a big crowd, and they certainly were busting at the seams tonight with a crowd maybe of 500 people, but those 500 people saw something no one else has all season....a win.

So far the highlight of the season, the team actually leads the league in the Penalty Kill, in 20 games they have only allowed to give up 12 goals (one of those was tonight) and trust me they are on the kill alot....hello all those stupid penalties they take, dumb, blatant penalties, things they should know better than doing.

Well this was the 1st game of the week, I have 2 more this weekend, I'm going to Lowell to see the Devils on Saturday, and Sunday to Manchester to see the Monarchs, hey it was suppose to be vacation this week and we didn't have anything planned so ROAD-TRIP, and staying over night in Hartford, at Dawn's house.

Sorry I ranted so much, but hope you enjoyed reading it all, I hope only to be able to write good hockey things from now untill the end of the season, hey I'm hopeful.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

So, I may not have the lips of an Angel, but I do have the mind of a PSYCHO!!!

Ok, so it's black friday today. And yes, every year, it's kinda like a little tradition.
I get myself up at the crack of dawn and go out shopping, today was no different.
Went out yesterday and got all of the circulars and read through them. I was in search of a new camera, since mine died in the middle of vacation.

I really needed a new one, so theres no time like the present.
After digging through, I finally deceide on Best Buy, they have a Kodak camera 6.1 mp with 10x optical zoom on sale (friday and saturday only BOTH DAYS) so I'm up and out of the house before 430am.

I start out at Bestbuy in Trumbull...the lines are crazy and the store isn't open yet. Go in and no camera. (they also had a laptop on sale for 327.00, but knew I'd never get it, so just passed it)
Next stop Orange, wait in line to get in and again, no camera. So I travel to next bestbuy in Meriden, again, wait in line, and again, no camera. But after that, bestbuy is in meridien mall, so take a stop off at the mall, and go buy a couple of outfits (hey i'm in the mall and other than bestbuy the malls actually kinda empty) The the final stop for the morning, West Hartford, again, line no camera.

It's now a little before 8am and I have to be in work for 9am, so I cut my losses and go to work.
In work all day for 8 hours, on what was suppose to be a quiet day, which it wasnt' was going to try to shop online for this elusive camera, i was too busy and I couldn't do it.

I couldn't even go after work because there was a game, so I figure, hey it's a long holiday season, someones bound to have a camera along the way.

On the way home from the game, I pass by....guess what. Best buy in trumbull .....yet again, and think, hey this sale was for Firday and Saturday, 2 days they shouldn't have been sold out of these damn cameras that morning they have to have more.

So back to best buy we go. And guess what. THEY HAD THE DAMN CAMERA!!!!!!!!

I knew a little perseverance and determination would pay off. So I am now the proud owner of a new camera. WOOHOO!!!

So for all of you that get pictures from me, you now will be able to get good pictures from me.
I can't wait to start taking them. It's going to the game with me tommorrow, the batteries are charged, the memory card is empty, all I can do now, is SAY CHEESE!!!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ok, I made it home safe and sound.
It was a really really long drive, but it was worth it. I had a great time.
The whole reason to go to Disney World this past week, was Super Soap Weekend. What is SSW you ask? Well, let me explain.

Every year Disney has SSW and they take about 20 ABC soap stars and bring them to disney for 1 weekend, its a mad house, for 2 days in MGM Studios, this year there were about 25 stars and 65,000 screaming fans.

For those of you who watch ABC soaps you might have heard of this, but for thoese who don't. Here's some pix that I took with the 5 that I met.

And they were.

From - All My Children -

Jacob Young

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From General Hospital

Scott Clifton

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From One Life to Live

Kathy Brier

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Renee Goldsberry

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Erika Slezak

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A bunch of pix are posted, in a few places so feel free to coment if you'd like. Hope eveyone had a good week. I know I did.

Other than SSW, Disney was great as ususal it really is the Happiest place on earth. I can go there time and time again, and not be bored. I really love it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Don't bet me.

All I can say is if you bet me and will be sorry. Thursday night, I made a bet with a friend (he's a Devil's fan) that the Devil's would beat the Islander's. Ok, so if the Devils won, I would have to wear his Jersey, and if the Isles won, he would have to wear my jersey.

So as you can tell by the pix. Guess who won the bet? I'll give to a wasn't him.

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All I can say is he was a good sport about it, and he knew if the Isle's lost he would've made me wear his jersey and I would've done. So fare is fare, and now there are 7 more games this season and he's looking for some payback.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

A witchy weekend.

Ok, it took me a while to write this one but it was worth the wait.
Had a great weekend in Salem. I can't believe the weather was crappy...yet again this year, Saturday was just gross and rainy and windy and cold...hey at least it didn't snow, so that's a plus.

We went around town on saturday during the day went to a few of the little shops in town, we went to a pshyic fair....and I paid $30 for what reason, for some ding-dong to tell, me the complete opposite of what really happens.

She told me I'm not a happy person, I get along with my mother and not my father, I should start to go out more, I always stay home, and a few other things that were so far off she could've been on mars. I even found a cool little yarn store, but it was closed....which made me sad

Saturday night we went to the big Halloween Ball it was great, I dressed as tinkerbell, we got there late, but that's ok. We actually ran into someone that we met the previous, what are the chances that would happen again, there were like 1000 people there.
Sunday we went back to town, did a couple of little things that we couldn't do in the rain and crappy weather. It was nicer but it was so windy I think we could've blown away from the damn wind.

But all-in-all it was a good weekend. Can't wait to do it all again.
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