Friday, April 27, 2007

I got "STONED" and realized I love the Islander's Organization all on the same day!!

This is a long and drawn out story...but it has a happy ending.

The Director of Sales of the Bridgeport Soundtigers called me on Monday to tell me that the Gameworn Michael Mole jersey that I won at the end of the season auction. was sent to Meigray he told me they have in their contract that the 1st Jersey from every player, Meigray gets.

He said, Howard (the president of the organization) told him that I can either have next season's jersey or I can have another jersey from this year for any other player.

I opted to take next seasons, away jersey. He said, since Moley will be with us next season he will get me the road jersey after they come back from the 1st road trip, and yet again, back to the locker room to get it signed. (OK the boy is really gonna think i'm stalking him then) This sucks, because I wanted to road blue from this season, because it would be his 1st AHL jersey, but now, at this point I'll get the road jersey from next season, not sure that I like it, but hey there's more orange on it, so I guess that's a plus. At this point there's still not much that I can do about it.

But today was the big turn around.

Around 11am Jason fom Meigray called me and left me a message that said, I have you Mole Jersey please call me back, (you have my Mole Jersey...I don't have a Mole Jersey, you do) so I called Jason back and he told me that he was told to sell me the Jersey for the amount of $225.00 he didn't know why, how or what happend, he just knew that's what he had to do. Jason, also informed me that the Jersey was signed (hmmmm I wonder how that happend He signed it for me) What Meigray told me was they were suppose to get Jersey 1 or 2 but there isn't a 1 of 2 there's only a 1 or 1, the Jersey that he wore in that game in the begining of the season in Hershey, was the same one that he wore all season. So that's why Meigray had the Jersey.

I called Shane to thank him for getting the jersey for me and he asked me if Howard had called me. I told him no, and he said it was Howard...yes I said Howard!!! was the one that called Meigray and told them I won the jersey in an auction that they had at the arena. And please lower the price and sell the Jersey to me for the amount that I got in the auction.

So now, my Moley jersey is paid for and will be shipped to me today.

I'm so happy!!!!
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And now the other 1/2 of the story, Yes I did "Get Stoned" I went tonight to go see Hinder, they of couse sang Lips of an Angel and Get Stoned and all the rest of their big hits.

It was a great show. They were really good, ok the show was general admisson at Sacred Heard Univeristy, but that's ok too, I can't the opening 2 bands were ok Day's of the New was pretty good, and Operator was good, I've heard better, but I've totally heard worse.

All in all it was a great night, a well needed night out. I really had so much fun.

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Hockey season is Officially over.

And that's just sad :-(

We went to game 4 of the Stanley Cup Quater Finals. Which unfortunatly they lost. Due to a few bad calls, a few missed calls, and the team just didn't want it as bad as Buffalo did....I guess.

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That's ok. I don't mind they didn't make it to the next round, they snuck into the playoffs, off the back of a third string, minor league goalie (I love Wade Dubielewicz...Dubie's the best)

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All I can say is, we just have to look forward to next year, to see what they have in store for us, for both teams. The Isle's and Tiger's because what ever the Isle's do effects the Tiger's as well.

Hey one good thing....It's Baseball season....not that it's helping much either, the Yankee's are working on a the 3rd series sweep.....and not being the sweeper, they are being the sweepies. But it's april, it can only get better. We know it can't get much worse

Friday, April 6, 2007

2 Elements down....3 to go.....Let's Go ISLANDER'S!!!

This is what needed to happen for the Islander's to make the Playoffs.

- Islanders MUST beat Toronto 4/5 IN REGULATION
- Rangers MUST beat Montreal 4/5
- Toronto MUST beat Montreal 4/7 (Montreal can take ONE of these games to
overtime, the other MUST be IN REGULATION)
- Islanders MUST beat Philadelphia 4/7
- Islanders MUST beat New Jersey 4/8

Ok, so far the Isle's beat Toronto last night, not to mention the Ranger's the night before.

Here is a great quote from Goaltender Wade Dubielewicz, about that Ranger's game.

"I didn't look at it as intimidating; I looked at it as a challenge," Dubielewicz said. "You say Wade Dubielewicz and Jaromir Jagr, and there's not really a comparison there. It was fun. I was fortunate enough to win it tonight. Like I said out on the ice, we don't have nine lives. We have one."

Now Saturday night, I will become a Toronto Fan....but still an Islander Fan. And Sunday, it's the Isle's all the way. They haven't had a real lot of luck against Brodeur and the Devil's but they won the 1st game of the season....let's see if they can win the last.