Friday, April 6, 2007

2 Elements down....3 to go.....Let's Go ISLANDER'S!!!

This is what needed to happen for the Islander's to make the Playoffs.

- Islanders MUST beat Toronto 4/5 IN REGULATION
- Rangers MUST beat Montreal 4/5
- Toronto MUST beat Montreal 4/7 (Montreal can take ONE of these games to
overtime, the other MUST be IN REGULATION)
- Islanders MUST beat Philadelphia 4/7
- Islanders MUST beat New Jersey 4/8

Ok, so far the Isle's beat Toronto last night, not to mention the Ranger's the night before.

Here is a great quote from Goaltender Wade Dubielewicz, about that Ranger's game.

"I didn't look at it as intimidating; I looked at it as a challenge," Dubielewicz said. "You say Wade Dubielewicz and Jaromir Jagr, and there's not really a comparison there. It was fun. I was fortunate enough to win it tonight. Like I said out on the ice, we don't have nine lives. We have one."

Now Saturday night, I will become a Toronto Fan....but still an Islander Fan. And Sunday, it's the Isle's all the way. They haven't had a real lot of luck against Brodeur and the Devil's but they won the 1st game of the season....let's see if they can win the last.

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