Friday, December 22, 2006

2 quality shopping days left.

Ok, so there you have it. I have 2 days left to finish off everything that I need to do.

I still have to finish decorating, wrap presents, buy a couple of last minute things, and finish up the last minute knitting.

And I have pretty much 2 or 3 days left to do all of this.

All I can say is I'm gonna have to be wonderwoman to finish it all, but I have faith that I will.

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 8, 2006

4 days 4 states 4 games some knitting and a little added bonus.

Ok, after a fun filled weekend, of Hockey I end up with strep throat, I don't know were or when I got it, all I know is i'm suffering from it.

It sucks, for any of you who have ever had it it's awful, it takes over your whole body and just makes you feel weak and nasty. I've been on antibiotic for 24 hours now, so at least I'm not contagious any more.
Saturday, we went to Lowell Ma, to see the Lowell Devils play (and Bridgeort won) so that was a great game. after the game we drove back to Dawns house and stayed over night. So that too was fun.

Sunday, state number 2, we went to Manchester to see the Monarchs play, the outcome there wasn't as good. But hey you can't win them all, right, but it would be nice.

And now a break in the action and me to die for 24hours with strep throat, which inclued a fever of 102, the chills so bad I thought I was gonna freeze to death, aches and pains all over and just an overall feeling of yuckyness.

And now to continue with the days 3 and 4, with another little added bonus this time the little added bonus, was not being able to speak. So that was just cool. And yet again, one game was a win and one was not. Yet both games were played against the Senators.....hmmmmmmm, go figure.

Well, let me explain, ok the game on the losing end was the Islander's/Senator's and we were in New York, it was a good game, they started off kinda bad, but they were playing with a Ranger hangover so that kinda explains that.

Hey they woke up in the 3rd period, but too little too late.

And now for the winning game of the two, Bridgeport played the Binghamton Senators.....see I told you there was an explaination for it. The Senators scored 1st but that didn't help them win, they got the tied and Bridgeport scored with 23 secs left of O/T so that was a good thing.

Ok, I couldn't talk through the entire game, and I'm sure that made some people happy....hehehehe.

But hey it was another win on home ice so I'll take it.