Monday, October 26, 2009

It was a great day in sports...Well Almost.

Since Sunday was a good day for two out of my three teams that played.

The Soundtigers won!! Woohoo!! Starting to get back on track, they won four in a row, lost four in a row, now won two in a row, let's

Heres the highlight reel.

The other good win was THE YANKEES WON THE PENANT!! 1st time since 2003. I'm so happy for this, Let's just hope they don't blow it against the Phillies, not that it would be a terrible thing if the Phillies won, because I don't hate them, I actually like them, they are my NL team, and the only team that Doug and I can agree on.

Now for the not so good part of the day. The Dolphin's forgot to show up for the 2nd half of the game. It looked so good they were up 24-3 with 2 seconds left before the end of the 1/2. But unfortunatly they lost 46-34 and it was ugly.

Theres always next week right???

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