Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dinner and Dessert.

Well Dinner was from tonight....Dessert, about 2 weeks ago...sorry, just thought about this.

Tonight, was a dinner that I've made before, and will probably make again, it's on the good list....not the DNEL (DO NOT EAT LIST)

Dinner. Rotini Pasta with Rainbow Chard and Sausage.


Rotini (about 1/2 box)
Rainbow Chard (1 bunch)
Italian Sausage (no casing)

Boil Water for Pasta (incase I forget with a blonde moment) then boil pasta :)
Break up and saute sausage, fresh garlic and onions in a little EVOO, once sausage is almost cooked, add in Rainbow Chard and wilt, cook for about 10/15 minutes.

Drain Pasta, add more EVOO and a little basil, oregano to cooked pasta, then add sausage mixture....Plate and enjoy.

Now for Dessert.

Last week I made Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Simple and easy.

Melt Chocolate....Dip....Enjoy

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