Sunday, August 5, 2007

Stitch and Pitch

Ok, so I had my own little version of the real thing....actually I do this probably 2 times a month or so.

We have a local independant team in town, so we go a lot. And I ususally bring my knitting.

But yesterdays game was a little more special than ususal.

I finished a sock!!!! Ok, so it was just one sock, but it's done, and that's all that matters. I can't believe it's done. I hope the next one is a little bit easier. I'm sure it will be.

And yes, that is my foot.....with the game behind it. And in case you were wondering, its the New Haven County Cutters....and they won the game.


  1. Woot! One down and one to go! My first pair were torturous also. I now make two at the same time, using circulars. Other options: get more dpn's so both can be on at the same time. It's crazy but I personally found that second sock painful once one was done. Good luck!

  2. I wish our area would do a Stitch & Pitch. Sounds like lots of fun!