Sunday, June 24, 2007

What happens in Mexico.....

Stays in Mexico...or not, since I'm about to tell you all about it.

I had a great time, as you can tell by all the pictures that are floating around (and yes feel free to coment on any of them if you like)

It was a well deserved fun filled week. Ok, so I had to work awww poor me. But I think a total of 8 hours of work over 5 days, really wasn't to bad.

A little 2 hour welcome meeting (aka long drawn out speech) followed by dinner and drinks (ok so that makes up for some of the meeting) the the next day I had to get up at 6am to be at yet anothe meeting this time for 4 hours (again poor me) this time followed by a vendor visit yet another 2 hours of beach time lost.

But after that we were pretty much free, Other than our little activity of Snorkeling and Sailing....and oh yeah....drinking (I see a pattern forming here)

And yet again, after snorkeling, back to the beach, then dinner, then drinks...see I told you a pattern.

Finally it's now time to go home on Friday morning, this is where all hell breaks loose.

I get up nice and bright and early. to be checked out of the hotel and on the bus back to the airport by 9am. Thats ok, I don't mind it, the only thing I wasn't looking forward to was my 4 hour layover in atlanta, but hey I figured that would give me some time to get my bags and clear customs, and immigration.

Actually I did all that stuff in record time, all done in less then 30 minutes...woohoo now only 3 1/2 hours to kill....oh wait no, lets try 5 1/2 hours to kill, my flight was delayed for an hour to take off then another hour waiting on the tarmac because bad weather in Dallas screwed up all the flights into New York and as we all know it's a huge chain reacation.

The only plus was, I paid $75.00 to upgrade to 1st class...which by the way was well worth every penny that I paid for it, especially since we sat on the plane for an hour....and yet the night is still not over.

I finally land in Newark, and after all that, get into my car drive out of the airport to realize that there was a huge backup at the GW Bridge.


So the ride that took me a little over an hour to get to Newark to me 3 1/2 to get home. (Thanks to Dawn I had someone to talk to the entire ride)

All in all it was a great trip. And if anyone wants to see all the pictures just let me know and I'll send them off to you.

And remember....What happens in Mexico....Stays in Mexico!!!

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