Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vikki, Julie and Julia

Went to the movies this weekend to escape the heat. Went to go see Julie&Julia it was a cute movie, my only complaint was it was very slow moving.

I loved the similarities between the two women Julia Child and Julie Powell/ it their lives really could have been intertwined, and the movie made it so.

So after seeing this movie I've deceided that today would be my part in this experiment.

The movie did inspire me in a few ways (I'm not sure I want to de-bone and stuff a duck but there were a few recipes that I want to tackle.

Lunch today was just the begining. Before Julie started her little project she was cooking in her little Long Island City apartment, she was pan frying a baguette for some bruschetta....yummy. So this was my thought for lunch.

My MIL gave me a small basket of fresh tomatos and it hit me....that's what I'm making for lunch today.

So here's my recipe hope you enjoy it.

1 Baguette
3 Fresh Tomatos
Fresh Basil (to taste)
Fresh Oregano (to taste)
Fresh Rosemary (to taste)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Garlic (to taste)
Onions (to taste)
Balsamic Vinegar

(I'm sure you can subsitute dry herbs for the fresh ones you're going to let the mix sit a bit so they will soften up and flavor the tomatos)

First I cut the tomatos and herbs and drizzled in the olive oil and balsamic then put the mixture in the fridge to marinate for about an hour or so.

Then I added the EVOO to the frying pan and browned the bread (that I cut into small slices) let it get golden brown in the olive oil (again yum)

Take the tomato mixture out of the fridge top the freshly browned bread and serve.

Trust me you will enjoy it....I know we did.

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