Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playing House.

Ok so today was a long one, Doug and I spent the morning checking on the house of a family friend.

This is a house that I can only hope one day we could afford (right now its just not in the cards.) It's a custom built house that's about 5000 sq feet, yes its that big. Not to mention its on 15 acres of land.

I love it, it's gorgeous, the property is wonderful, it has a great in ground pool and jacuzzi.

We sat and had lunch by the pool, I even rescued a little frog from the jacuzzi.

It was a good day all around, the only downfall was a 2 hour ride to take my FIL to the Doctor, yes a 2 hour drive for a 10 minute appointment...ugghhh. I can't wait untill they can drive again :(

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