Friday, September 8, 2006

Should I say it now you should I wait......

Ok, I'll say it now!!!


Ok, so you all knew it was coming, but UUUUGGGGHHH, it's gonna be a long football season. That's usually something that happens about week 7 or 8, I'm wandering around aimlessly muttering it under my breath, ok so now I got to say it on week one....woohoo, makes me proud.

Ok, so I really wasn't all their fault they lost 28-17, but 1 bad penatly in when it was 3rd and 16, hands to the face, 5 yard/automatic 1st down. so what should have been a punt deep in enemy territory turned into the steelers marching up the field to the 50 yard line or so, then a 86 yard run back in the 4th quarter that was called a touchdown, but after the replay showed the guy was out of bounds at the 2 yard lines, ok so they still might have gotten the touchdown, but it wasn't a guarantee, they could have screwed it up and not gotten it. Then 2 passes by Culpepper, and 2 interceptions run in for touchdowns.

It was just an ugly game, they started off so promising but it just didn't end that way.
Ok thats enough of my ranting.

On a postive note. While watching the game, I got 1/2 of my pocketbook knitted. So only a little more to go. It's gotta be done by October 31, it'll be done by next weekend, if I keep up at this rate.

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