Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's almost done.

It's almost finished.
Woohoo, just wanted to share with everyone.

The purse is almost done, just have to sew it together and then felt it, and the scarf is almost done as well.

I got all this finished on Saturday and Sunday. Ok, so that's all I did all weekend was watch 4 Yankees game (only 1 winning game) and 1 Dolphin's game (no winner there...Stupid Dolphin's)
But hey all I have to do with the scarf is finish the last row and it's done. Granted that's almost 1000 stiches right now on the needle....uggghhh

Then it's baby blanket finishing time. Just have to get finished by October 1st so still have 2 weeks of quality knitting time.

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