Friday, January 13, 2006

The Rules of Knitting and Dating

  1. Don't knit your boyfriend a sweater, it's bad luck, guarenteed, to break up if you do.
  2. Don't wear itchy fabric's on a 1st date. (don't use fun fur either it might make him sneeze and make him think he's allergic to you.)
  3. Don't take you knitting on a 1st date (well duh, then he'll think you're bored with him)
  4. DO!! take you knitting on a 1st date (if it's a speed dating event, if the guy is boring you have something to do)
  5. Don't let dating interfere with your knitting. (offer to watch a game with him and score for both of you.)
  6. Invest in a handsfree headset (already have one, it's the best talking on the phone and knitting at the same time)
  7. Make sure you needles are safely stored away. (ouch keep them off the couch or out of bed)

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