Saturday, December 3, 2005

So here's the 1st of many.

Ok, so let me describe me. Blonde hair blue eyes, a great love of the Miami Dolphin's New York Yankees, New York Islanders and Bridgeport Soundtigers. Ok so I like sports a...lot!! does that make me bad no. What can a girl say, hot men rolling around in tight pants....yummy. ok so it's been a sue me. But still all I can say is "I'M A GIRL" I like to shop, I like to knit, I like sparkley things...pretty, shiney. Again, not making me a bad person, so i'm not going to be the 1st person that they let into heaven wearing body glitter and sequins, also probably not the last either. So this is a good way to get this started. trust me. I will go on and on, but the end you'll probably want to slit you wrists, but that's ok to.

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