Monday, December 19, 2005

Bored Today.

Ok so this is the deal, it's monday, i'm at work and bored to death, just found out that I have off on the 26th and 2nd for the holiday woohoo, glad for that, but not so glad because, i'm not getting paid for either day. that kinda sucks. but what to do. At least i'm off for the day.

At least i'm back to work from the week that I had off. So that's kinda good, sitting here typing away and knitting a little bit, still have like 3 sweaters to finish before the holiday (ok maybe even a little after some of them, i won't have to give untill almost new years. so that give's me just a little more time to knit.

my mother wants a hat and scarf for xmas, so maybe i can still get them in. I might be able to do that, if i go to the store and buy some yarn tonight, and get that finished off. Hat's and scarves go quick if I can use heavy yarn and big needles. so happy knitting.

That's about all i can babble about for now. more to come later.


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