Monday, December 12, 2005

Lions, Tigers and Beers...Sorry I mean Bears. Oh My.

Oh, It was a fun filled weekend in Hershey. Saw a Lion (giant stuffed mascot) saw some Tigers (hello hockey team, as in bridgeport) saw some Bears (again other hockey team, and yes don't forget about CoCo, the Mascot, he was cute, he had a poocollie) and saw some Beer (probably don't want to look at any again, any time soon or any alcohol Jack Daniels is fun for a while, but like gretchen wilson says about being all jacked up, she's right....ugghhhhhh)

All in all it was a good weekend. We stated off early saturday monring, it would have been earlier, but I lost my keys and the mad libs that I bought...damn mad libs, so we didn't leave untill about 730 from lori's house. should have been 7 but oopps, my bad, has anyone actually known me to be on time for something, so why start now. The drive out was good, got a little lost....btw if you try to drive over the Tapanzee bridge and want to stay on 287w you actually have to get off 287w and get back on it, because 287w turns into 87 N. Who was the genius that thought that up...well anyway, we finally made it there after about a 30 minute detour....ooops again, my bad. Got into hershey wen't to Hershey park, yes it was open, why I don't know, but it was cute, they had the little kiddy rides open and santa was there and they had a few other little things to do, so we ate lunch and shopped around and yes, i bought so much chocolate, I don't know what to do with. After that we went to the back to the hotel to get to the game for 5:30 it was a boyd's bear giveaway day (i got a new friend his name is Sam, and he really likes cookies, well that's what his tag says), but the game was good, they tigers lost, but Dubie stopped 2 penalty shots, but it still didn't help us that much.....again anyway, still going, after the game, we deciede to go to a little neighborhood bar/restaurant called Shakey's (that's where we saw all the beer's....uugghhh), it was a memorable experience, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Got home about I don't know what time, because none of us could function well enough to tell time.

Somehow, we got up the next moring, all hung over and miserable, still unable to function, we go to Chocolate world, and take the little motorized tram chocolate tour twice, the 1st time because we wanted to the 2nd because, we just couldn't bring ourselves to get off the ride., it was dark and peacful, a lttile loud but still we weren't moving much.

After that we went to the Gift shop....oh no not that, we shopped for chocolate, had something to drink, (hot chocolate, and water) and all began to feel a little more human again. Then went to the Hershey Museum, which was very interesting, learned alot, was well worth the $7 entrance fee. So still haveing one more game to go to and a 5 hour drive home, and still, not feeling quite right, we go to dinner and then to the game...which they lost, yet 4 in a row

I was the lucky driver home, made it in about 3 1/2 hours did good, didn't take the stupid route home, came straight home rt 78, to the jersey pike to 95 home yeah!!! we made it, got home after midnight, but it was worth every moment of the trip, probably, not anything i'm going to forget anytime soon.

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