Friday, July 6, 2007

Because 9 innings wasn't enough.

Ok last night we went out for my best friends birthday and we decieded to go to a baseball game....ok it was minor league independent ball, but hey thats cool too.

We had a great time, and a fun night. But....unfortunatly the game from the night before was rained out and that meant a double header for last nights game.

Ok, that's not so bad 2 games each with 7 innings, but someone deceided they weren't going to score a run and the 1st game went into extra innings....3 of them actually the home team finally won it in the 10th.

The second game wasn't looking too promsing for a while all the way up until the 6th it was a tie score of 2-2.

But after a few hits and a couple of runs they won 6-2. WOOHOO!!!

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