Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hershey, it's not just for Chocolate!!!

Ok, the 1st road trip of the season, we went to Hersehy, we took a little drive, off to see our favorite little hockey team. And since we were there, we went to Chocolate town. And to take a little Chocolate town ride....Sadly the cows in the ride so say SMOOOOOOOOOTH any more, they now sing and say Chocolate is MOOOOOOtricious!!!

After Chocolate to Hockeytown....Ok, so the outcome of the game wasn't exactly what we wanted they lost....and yes they deserved to lose.

After the 1st period they fell asleep.....and never woke up again. The only bright spot on the team....was the player that I wanted to see, my favorite player, New York Islander Shawn Bates, he was sent down to Bridgeport for a conditioning stint, it was his 1st game that he played since Jan 30, 2007. So it's been almost a year sinces hes actually played in a game, and during that 1st game he scored his very 1st Soundtiger GOAL!!!!

That was a wondeful thing too. I got to see the 1st goal that he scored this season, and it was a pretty one.

Really the main reason we went to Hersey was I wanted to get my Jersey signed, i've waited for 3 years to get his Jersey signed, and now....IT'S FINALLY SIGNED!!!!

He was really nice about it too, so thats a good thing. So my night was complete, the only thing left to do....Drive home from Hershey.

Finally after a quick stop to get something to drink and a not so quick stop for dinner and gas, we got home at 330am....uggghhh!!!


  1. Just checking in to see how life is treating you. Hope you have a fab. holiday season.

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