Thursday, March 8, 2007

Knitting and driving is not a good way to start the day.

Ok, so my day started out pretty damn crappy, with a little bit of snow that fell this morning made my drive into work very, very crappy. I knew it was gonna be bad when it took me 20 minutes to go about 2 miles something that usually takes about 5 or so.

So as I continue my wonderful drive from Shelton to Hartford, I get stuck on the Merrit Parkway and yes I now know why they call it a parkway....I was parked. For about 25 minutes or so, just outside of North Haven.

Thank god I had my knitting with me, so I did that, and listeded to so music. I called into work to tell them, I was going to be late. I finally made it to work, and I was only an hour late.So thats a plus. But here's where the day starts to get a little bit better.

I got out of work ontime (even a few minutes early) and drove to Bridgeport. We had tickets to see Nickelback, with Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace.

Breaking Benjamin was ok, they weren;t bad, but they weren't awsome either, then for 3 Days Grace, they were I have to say awsome. Great concert band, better live than on CD.

Finally Nickelback. Which I have to say was absolutly great. They put on a good show, they sang for almost 2 hours (which now a day is like unheard of)

Chad was great he even told a some jokes. Which I will let you in on, I hope I don't kill it.

But all in all it was a great night. Here a some pictues and a little video that I took...ok it was with the camera phone, so the quality kinda sucks, but hope you like them, I know its a show I wont soon forget.

Ok here's Chad's Joke.

A guy deceides he wants to go fishing and take his wife and his dog along, but unfortunatly his wife dosen't like to fish. So he talks to her and says "Honey why don't we go fishing, we can take the boat out stay on the lake for the day and have some fun" His wife hems and haws a little bit, and finally he says to her, well you if you don't want to go you have 2 choices. 1. Oral or 2. Anal, so she looks at him and says now come on you know which one it's gonna be. So they get down to business, and starts and says eeeewww honey. He says "What?" Shes says to him "You know you taste like Shit" and he immediatly says back to her. "Yeah, the dog didn't want to go either"

Hey, I didn't write it, I just repeated it, I thought it was funny and worth repeating. But you did laugh didn't you!!!

Ok, here are some of my crappy picutres now.

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