Monday, January 29, 2007

It's that time again...I'm knitting (Big shocker I know)

Ok, yes, it is that time again, I'm knitting another purse for someone. This time, I got a good person to knit for.

I'm knitting for a hockey fan in Vancouver. Ok, so she's a Canuks fan (i'll forgive her for that one) but she's does live in Vancouver, so I guess I would have to expect that one.

I can't wait for this one. It should be fun. I went out yesterday and bought new yarn (I know I have enough already, but I needed new yarn for a new project)

I'll keep you posted on progress, hopefully it'll come out the way I want it to.

And yes.....Since I'm knitting for someone. I get a purse in return. WOOHOO!! So its a good thing all the way round. Knit a purse - get a purse.

Yay!! for me.

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