Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sari Yarn and Baby Blankets.

Ok, so the baby blanket isn't being knitted out of the sari yarn but still. Actually I think if I knitted the baby blanket out of the sari yarn, the mother of said baby, wouldn't use it.

She was actually grossed out one day by it because, we found a toenail in it. Hey the joys of yarn that was handspun in India....what do more do you least it didn't stink too bad.

The baby blanket is coming along well, it's almost 1/2 done we are trying for it to be about crib size when it finishes. And it's almost there. Saw a real cute pattern for a blanket knitted on the bias, so I deceided to do that.

Let's see how it works out.

Now for the sari yarn update. It's a purse, not like I don't have enough already I might need another one. I really like the way its coming out. I messed it up a little bit and ripped it out (it was only about 4 hours of knitting that I started biggy, I've done it before, don't worry, i'm sure I'll do it again.

So thats my little update. I'll keep you posted.

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